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My name is Soyful Amin. I am the founder and director of KN SECURITY SERVICES. I help businesses secure their building and people by providing adequate manpower. We are very passionate about security and do our absolute best to provide effective solutions to our client’s security needs.

As a company, we specialise in solving our client’s problem – with services tailored to their exact needs. It can be short-term covers, event or even long term covers. Our job is to make sure that the client is happy with the services we provide to them. We currently have a number of guards keeping sites in London secure.

In 2021 we are looking to grow and expand our clientele and portfolio. We have the right manpower, resources and vast experience to fulfill the needs of the different clients in different industries. They include corporate building, nightclubs, pubs, retail and hotel security.

Perhaps you’re not happy with your current security provider? Or you’re looking for a new security company. Whatever the case, KN SECURITY IS READY TO STEP IN AND PROTECT YOU.

We are proactive, reliable, adaptable, trustworthy, discreet and strongly passionate about security.

I would like to invite you to discuss your security challenges. This will help us to understand what your requirements are.



Please call +44 7729 653 271 or email in order to schedule a meeting. 

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We have over 10 Years of experience in providing excellent security services. Our trusted team of licenced and vetted security personnel work round the clock with businesses and event managers to ensure a safe and protected environment for everyone that attends the venue. At KN Security we
take our work very seriously and pride ourselves in operating an ethical, committed and honest business.

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