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KN Security is a London-based security firm that provides guards for corporate and social events. We understand the importance of safety and make it our aim to provide the highest quality of service. We operate mainly in London but can provide services outside of London too. Our security guards can also be sub-contracted under your company name.




We provide a number of services from corporate meetings to retail security. If you require services that need to be a little tailored please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions and find the best solution for you. All prices are available upon request and negotiable.

Our Services


KN Security provide a specialised service for high-end and luxury environments. We work with clients on a daily basis that require a very high standard of security which can sometimes be complicated and difficult to organise. Our team of professionals works closely together with our clients to make sure every measure and risk is discussed for each environment we operate in to ensure that every person who attends is safe and protected.


Night Club Security is a demanding but essential job. We understand the importance of providing a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves whilst not having to worry about any untoward/unpleasant situations developing. Our first priority is to make sure all situations are handled in a fair and safe manner emphasis on equality of judgment, managing behaviour and conflict, providing emergency first aid, civil and criminal law awareness and arrest procedures. We are there to protect and manage the club so that each person, especially vulnerable people, leave safe and unharmed.

Concert Crowd


We have a number of packages to fit the type of event that is held, prior to each event we will have discussions to ensure proper security is provided on the day. Effective planning is essential to us as we understand that each event is unique and requires certain supervision. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


High profile events require a certain level of security that must be planned and prepared for weeks in advance and require a Tailored level of security. As these kinds of events sometimes give rise to large crowds, paparazzi, famous and important people, we must take all and extra precautions to ensure that everyone attending these events is kept safe and secure at all times. We specialise in managing huge crowds, keeping order and preventing any kind of confrontations.



At KN Security we know how important first impressions can be, especially when we are representing you. We understand that when a client walks into your hotel the right person with the right attitude and demeanour must be there to greet them. This is why we train all our guards to provide the highest quality of service and security whilst maintaining an excellent demeanour at all times. We offer a range of tailored services for hotels of all variations and look into any extra precautions we may need to take depending on the diversity of the venue.



Correctly securing a building works project is vital and can prevent losses and damage that can occur if a site is unmanned. At KN Security we can offer a cost-effective and efficient service to meet your needs. We have our own electronic patrol system which can be put in place on your site. The patrol system is fully auditable to give you peace of mind that your site is safe under our protection.

- Vishal Parab, Front Office Manager, An IHG hotel.

"K.N Security is a very professional and efficient service provider. It was a pleasure working with Soyful and his team. He has a team of very efficient and friendly Security guards. I would highly recommend KN Security for any business. "


Security in a retail environment requires the right balance of presence in order to maintain harmony for the business. We always take into account that we are amongst customers who want to have a pleasant shopping experience and also keeping in mind the business wants to create the right atmosphere to inspire people to purchase. KN Security is highly experienced in providing a retail service that will not only help to prevent crime but also maintain a discrete presence. We specialise in all areas of retail security.

10 years wreath.png


We have over 10 Years of experience in providing excellent security services. Our trusted team of licenced and vetted security personnel work round the clock with businesses and event managers to ensure a safe and protected environment for everyone that attends the venue. At KN Security we
take our work very seriously and pride ourselves in operating an ethical, committed and honest business.



To provide and promote a high-quality and efficient security service to our clients through trained, professional and motivated staff and the best in technology solutions. We aim to be in the top class of London security providers and will always strive to improve our processes and policies to meet any challenges.

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